Cities within 161 km of Cartagena

100 km:Barranquilla, Colombia
100 km:Soledad, Colombia
122 km:Sincelejo, Colombia
97 km:Malambo, Colombia
153 km:Magangue, Colombia
153 km:Cienaga, Colombia
69 km:Sabanalarga, Colombia
146 km:Fundacion, Colombia
13 km:Turbaco, Colombia
24 km:Arjona, Colombia
105 km:Plato, Colombia
87 km:El Carmen De Bolivar, Colombia
79 km:Baranoa, Colombia
134 km:Lorica, Colombia
122 km:Corozal, Colombia

These are straight line distances in a radius around Cartagena, Colombia. There are many towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer places, try a smaller radius.

Even more cities 161 km from Cartagena

98 km:Pivijay, Colombia
74 km:San Onofre, Colombia
134 km:Since, Colombia
68 km:San Juan Nepomuceno, Colombia
92 km:Palmar de Varela, Colombia
146 km:Aracataca, Colombia
97 km:Tolu, Colombia
90 km:Puerto Colombia, Colombia
93 km:Santo Tomas, Colombia
93 km:Sabanagrande, Colombia
51 km:Maria La Baja, Colombia
68 km:Campo de la Cruz, Colombia
137 km:Sampues, Colombia
68 km:Calamar, Colombia
76 km:San Jacinto, Colombia
89 km:Galapa, Colombia
145 km:Chinu, Colombia
43 km:Repelon, Colombia
138 km:El Reten, Colombia
61 km:Santa Lucia, Colombia

Airports within 161 km of Cartagena

5 km:Rafael Nez International Airport
97 km:Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport
121 km:Las Brujas Airport
143 km:Harbor Springs Airport
130 km:Lorica Airport
100 km:Golfo de Morrosquillo Airport
103 km:Plato Las Flores

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Looking for a new town that's just miles away? Try changing the distance, results will vary depending on the radius. Plan a quick day trip from Cartagena or a nice weekend getaway.


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